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Cavalier KC Spaniel


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It's official - we are retired.
We networked with other dog breeders since 1997, but will no longer be
getting puppies from other breeders.
We have breeder connections but prices have skyrocketed.

Email us at:

We are retired!!!

Thank you to all
our dog families!

Breeder Connections only

Website for sale!!

Domain names for sale:

Domain names for sale:

If something sounds too good to be true....

Protect yourself and don't reward thieves!
Scammers steal puppy pictures,
 then steal money "selling" pups they don't own!

Don't be fooled by cheap ads that use texting
especially with area codes that are not local.
They often put the same ad in all over the country!

Meet your new puppy in person!!

crate package as seen $59
Domain Names for Sale

For information about domain names email:

1-800-PetMeds  -  Guaranteed Lowest Prices


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