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Cavalier KC Spaniel


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We are on our way to retirement which will happen by the end of 2020.
We networked with other dog breeders since 1997, but will no longer be
getting puppies from other breeders since we are preparing to retire.
The pups for sale are the currently available puppies and are in NH.

Email us at:
For an appointment, call us at our home in Northwood, NH


Since we are retiring
 this year, we will no
have puppies from
other breeders.
Check back in July
for Cavapoo pups.
Pictures in June.


If something sounds too good to be true....

Protect yourself and don't reward thieves!
Scammers steal puppy pictures,
 then steal money "selling" pups they don't own!

Don't be fooled by cheap ads that use texting
especially with area codes that are not local.
They often put the same ad in all over the country!

Meet your new puppy in person!!
We're getting ready
for retirement!

Our puppy supplies are priced below national chains.

We put together supply starter kits that include:
a crate, food, toys, grooming supplies, and more. 
All at reduced
starting at only $99.
(Puppy not included!) 

crate package as seen $59

Check with us to make sure the puppy you are looking at is still available.
On occasion, we have young Adult Dogs & Older Puppies for Adoption.
Puppy pictures are updated as often as possible.

For information about Puppies call:

Northwood, New Hampshire
(We are in NH, less than 1 hour from Massachusetts & Maine, 1.5 hrs from Vermont, 2.5 hours from Connecticut)

1-800-PetMeds  -  Guaranteed Lowest Prices


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