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I purchased a dachshund from you in December 2007 and couldn't have purchased a better puppy. Dunkin has become such an important part of my family and work family. My step-son has been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease) and Dunkin has been such a constant comfort for my husband and his son during this difficult time. He goes to work with me everyday and I have customers that come in just to see him. I could spend all time telling you how much Dunkin means to us but I better leave room for others to write but my husband and I can't thank you enough for selling such great and healthy puppies.

Kathy & Jack B

Hi Marie,

My husband Rob and I purchased a black and white female Cockapoo from you in July of 2008. We named her Molly Marie and she is sitting at my feet as I type! We couldn't love her more, and she is quite possibly the happiest, most spoiled Cockapoo alive and doing very, very well! :)

Also, in the next few years, we'll be back to pick out a brother or a sister for Molly! (We'd come today if I could get my husband to put up a fence!) Molly loves other dogs and meets tons of them on our walks around town, trips to the dog parks in the area and even at the occasional trip to Doggy Day Care - I know it would help with her hyper-activity, too! LOL

Hope all is well with you, and thanks again for having Molly there for us to bring into our home -- it's the best thing we've ever done!




Hello It has been a while since I have emailed you and I just wanted to give you an update. Henrie is not 8 1/2 months old and he is thriving. He weighs a little over 50 lbs and he is growing by the minute. He is a love and he is a perfect fit for us. I am so happy we have him. Again I am sorry I have not written in a while. Attached you will find a picture that I took last week.

Darlene P.

Hi Marie

Again I cant thank you enough for the joy Sophia has brought to my life, thanks to you. I never thought I could love a dog or any animal like this, she is like one of my daughters.
Here are a few pictures of Sophia , She is so cute....
Everyone asks where I ever found her and I refer to your place

I would have sent more but my computer wont let me.

Thanks again


Hi Marie and Natasha,
I'm happy to report that I'm very excited because 1 month ago today, I brought Max to live in Norwood. He has really grown in the last few weeks.  I feel really happy because everyone he meets falls in love with him. Everyone tells me that I have the best dog ever! He definitely thrives on socialization and attention, and when he walks down the street, he wants to be noticed by everyone. Last Sunday, he was invited to a small family birthday party of one of my neighbors who turned 88. Max and my neighbor are just the best of friends, so we gave him a picture of Max to put on his mantle next to his grandchildren.
This Saturday, Max is going to have his first haircut, and next Thursday, we're starting puppy kindergarten. I have to go to the first class alone, and then he'll be going for 5 weeks. He's big "procedure" will be done during the first week of Oct, so I'm thinking he may settle down a little bit. He's really fine--he just does puppy things like goes after the carpet, cords, etc. He certainly does keep me on my toes, but I love taking care of him.
Thanks for the best dog ever. I love him so much, and buying him from you was the best thing I have ever done. I think I'm lucky to have him, but many of my friends tell me that he's lucky to have me. I think we are a really good match.
Thanks again!
Gail H


Hi Marie,

Just wanted to share a picture of Lemme Juicy (Soft-Coated Wheaten), whom we've had for 7 months now. It's hard to believe that after a couple of months he had become a huge part of our family. He's a wonderful dog, great disposition, healthy and alert. Thanks for your advice in helping us find the right match for our family and with his initial nervous puppy tummy problems (which are now gone). We appreciate your help and quick responses. Our family enjoyed the experience of going to see you for help with the dog.

JL and Barry F.

... add that he's so smart that he was housebroken in 2 weeks!

He really is an awesome dog with a wonderful personality. We love him!

Merry Christmas to you, Dennis and your family! 


Hi there,

Last June I bought a beautiful Cairmal from you (I named her Addie) and she has brought me nothing but joy since the day I brought her home. Today is her 1st birthday and I wanted you to see how she looks today. Thank you for allowing your puppies to climb all over me.... and it was Addie who "picked me".

Absolutely..... you can use my email and Addie's picture as a testimonial on your web site. I'm proud to show her off......
Janet L.
Concord NH


Hi Marie,
I purchased a 15 week old Salt & Pepper female Schnauzer from you back in March. You were absolutely right when you said to me "There is nothing about this puppy that you are not going to like".
She is Awesome! We named her Schatzie since Schnauzers are a German breed a German name would be perfect. She loves to cuddle and play. Right on as you said mid level when it comes to energy levels.
She was so easy to house break; I would say that in less than two weeks she had going potty outside down to perfection. She is so smart and loves going for car rides. I would say that her favorite thing other than playing is when she wakes up to greet each and every one of us four as we wake up.
The day I brought her home we surprised our five year old son. I had told our seventeen year old daughter the night before that I was going up north to look at a puppy. After the excitement of seeing the new puppy the long face returned when our daughter said "I feel awful  - I feel as if we replaced Chickelo" - our old and beloved dog of 13 years. I said "No, we are not replacing him because he is irreplaceable. He was unique and special". We are just bringing a new pet who will be the new member of our family and we will be able to make new memories and great moments with her. All eyes dried out after that and  a new chapter in our lives began with this exceptional little puppy who makes us smile and laugh every day.
Thanks Marie!
We will keep in touch.

Amelia B.



Putting Kensey on the testimonial page would be great.  She is an
adorable puppy and has quickly become a very important member of our
family.  Kensey has a wonderful, adorably silly, and inquisitive

We love her so much!  Thank you so much Marie for her!

Wayne and Denise


Hi Marie & Dennis,

Attached find the picture of Dusty.

Ron and I are so much in love with this little guy. He was house broken within a week, Dusty is the sweetest, lovable little guy, always wants to be right beside us. We took him camping on the 4th of July, he was so good, slept in the tent with us. We are so happy to have him in our lives. We are so glad that you had this wonderful little guy for us to share our lives with.

Thanks, Ron & JoAnn


I know it's been since last Christmas since I've seen you but I want you to know that Roman is doing awesome he will be 1 at the end of the month I can hardly believe it!! My daughter was so happy the day we brought him home!!

Thank you for bringing such a great addition to our home!!

Love, Tricia and Janessa


Hi Marie!

I just wanted to send along a picture of Charlie, the Schnoodle we were so lucky to find at your place and bring home!

The vet says he is healthy and doing great!

He's just such a sweet little boy, is so smart and doing just terrific with his training. He rings a bell on the door when he needs to be let out and very rarely barks. He loves his walks and running around with the kids but he settles down so nicely it's hard to believe he is only a few months old! I immediately fell in love with him as does everybody that meets him and I just wanted to share with you how happy we are to have him in the family :)

Thanks again Marie and I'll be sure to recommend you to anyone I know looking for a great puppy that will be a good fit for their families!

Sharon R.


Hi Marie,

Thanks for writing. Duncan is doing great! He's a happy little guy who doesn't know a stranger. He loves taking long walks, riding in the car and playing fetch with his toys. He was neutered the beginning of November and had his dew claws removed... at that time he weighed right at 12 lbs. He's so cute. I'm sending along his latest picture in his Santa suit.


P.S. of course you can use his picture on your webpage. Duncan was the perfect fit for my life! I'm so thankful for him.


Hi Marie,

I wanted to say thank you for helping us pick out the perfect puppy for our family. Back in 2000 you showed us our beloved Lhasa Apso Delilah who brought such joy to us. She was the sweetest dog in the world and when we lost her just recently we were devastated. Twelve years we loved and cherished her and I thank you.

We recently saw you again and got another puppy from you, this time a shih-poo puppy we named Addyson. We have had her know 48 hours and she has fit right in. While she will never replace my beloved Delilah, she has filled the void in my heart. Addy is happy, playful and loves to snuggle, she is curled up next to me while I type this.

So again thank you for bringing another special puppy into our lives.


Hi Marie,
Here’s an update. Victor (Boston Terrier) and Eva (Min Pin) hit it off right away. While Vic tried to befriend Mickey (Pug) every waking moment, Mickey did not want anything to do with him and would try to bite him. Vic is too fast for Mickey so no contact ever occurred. Now as you can see they are all best friends.

I thank you again for these little heart warming creatures. All three came from you.


My wife and I bought a Schnoodle puppy — Riley — from you last March. We just wanted to write and say that Riley has been the best addition to our lives and that we couldn't imagine not having him. He is the sweetest, kindest, happiest, most lovable pet we've ever known.

Thank you so much for the puppy of our dreams!
-Jake, Vicky, and Riley

Hi Marie,

I am writing to let you know that we are so very happy and blessed to have gotten Ollie, our amazing Cavachon from you in August of 2010, He is two years old now and has been the BEST thing that has ever happened to us. When we came to look for a pup you were so gracious and showed us as many dogs as we wanted to see. We liked many we saw but when you ever brought the Cavachon pup from the back that was it- SOLD. He has made our family complete, we call him our Diva dog because he is the center of attention for everything. He goes for car rides to pick up our daughter at school, comes to visit me in my office, visits the neighbors, etc. He is loved by all who meet him. He sleeps between my husband and I every night and hogs most of the bed because we let him. We have another dog Simba (8 year old sheltie) and they are inseparable. They wrestle all day long.....

In closing, we would recommend getting a dog from you to everyone... When it is time for us to get another we are coming straight back to you immediately...... I have attached some pics of Ollie for your website...

Let us know when you have any other Cavachons please......

Ray, Kristie and Nikki
Sanford, Maine

This is Riley!

She is now 8 months old and just a wonderful addition to our family! She is house broke, and does many tricks. My kids think of her as one of them!!! We would get another pup from again in a heartbeat!

Hi Dennis and Marie,

We love our little bichon poodle. She's a tiny dog with a big personality. A bundle of energy and full of fun. She loves to play. Her social skills and personality are exceptional. She has been very easy to crate train. We love her and so does everyone she meets!

Thank you so much. You and Dennis are such kind folks.

Tom and Deb

Just had to let you know how our little (very little) Shih-chon is progressing. We picked her up on New Years day & I was so nervous about her, she seemed so small & frail. She has grown so fast, after our recent vet appointment we learned that she is a very healthy pup. She's a quick learner & anxious to please us with everything that we want her to learn. She's just starting puppy training classes & the trainer thinks that she has what it takes to get to be a therapy dog which is my ultimate goal.

We have named her Dolly because she is just a little doll & we love her!! Looking forward to many years of fun together!

Best Wishes for the New Year & thank you again,



Just thought I'd drop you a note... Although my dogs are now 10 and 7 years old I still remember feeling confident in getting them from you. They are awesome dogs, great with adults and kids of all ages as well as other animals. I think they way they were treated as babies plays a big role in how they are as adult dogs.
We had someone come to our house to buy something our two Labrador Retrievers were in the back yard doing what they do best, playing and hanging out with my husband. The dad and his two kids are planning to get a dog, thought our dogs were awesome (we think they are pretty awesome as well) we gladly referred them to you guys!

You can absolutely put my dogs on your referral page... Lizzy is my black lab, she is 10. Maggie is my chocolate face, love her to pieces.
Hope the family we referred comes to see you! I know they will get great dogs!

Hi Marie and Dennis,

We bought our Griffonese puppy from you 3 weeks ago (wow, that flew by!) We just wanted to let you know how happy we are! We named our little guy Griffin and we could not love him more! He has adjusted wonderfully to his new home. He loves to cuddle and wants to be right by our side always. He is such a good boy and brings so much love and happiness into our home every day. He's the perfect addition to our family! We are all completely crazy about him (and so is everyone who meets him....he's just so cute and sweet!).

Thank you so much for all your help! We will keep in touch.

Griffin turned one year in August and we love him more and more every day!! He makes us smile every single day. He's the best dog!

You can absolutely use our testimonial. You can use the original picture we sent and I'll also attach 2 current ones (feel free to use those too) so you can see him now.

We referred friends of ours (Leslie and Andy) to you last year. They bought a puppy from you....I think she's a Malti-poo. She's adorable!

Thank you for helping us find the perfect dog. You were so patient and helpful when we were trying to choose the right puppy for our family. We definitely made the right choice - We love him so much!

Take care,

Lisa & Richie

Hi Marie-
It is a month today that we got our Cockapoo Rosie. She is the most wonderful puppy and we are so happy we have her. She has a great personality, loves to cuddle and be close by everyone. She has fit in well with the cat and our family, thank you so much.

The Evans family

I drove down to see you guys the week of Valentine's Day in 2012 and that's when I met little Sofia Rose. A very tiny red and white Rat Terrier. She has been an amazing family member every since. She is possibly the smartest dog I have ever seen. So I just wanted to thank you for her. Below are some videos and postures of her as puppy and now.


Sofia Rose

Hello Marie,

My husband, daughter and I visited Adorable Pups in November of 2012 and were so excited to bring home the newest member of our family. A beautiful Malti-tzu and we named her Ellie! She is such a love bug, we can not imagine our lives with out her. She is the perfect companion to our 5 year old Silky Terrier.

                baby                                    now

My friends have little Dolly that is on your testimonial wall. I sent them to you, I knew they would be very happy with your puppies. I have been recommending you to all my friends!
Thanks again,

Dear Marie,

We got our dog Jake from you 7years ago. He is the BEST dog ever! I know people probably always say this, but I mean it. He does not have a mean bone in his body! We have a 10 year old Bichon and a 2 year old Boston Terrier cross that jump, bite, and climb all over him. He just sits there and wags his tail! He is everything anyone could want in a dog. Loyal, playful, and gentle!

Thank you so much for him!


This is Loki and we found him from searching several breeders online.

We couldn't be happier with the choice we made - wonderful environment and excellent care. I feel he was already aware of crate so crate training was simple. He's a very smart loving dog and I fell in love instantly. Marie and Dennis were very kind and full of knowledge. We were first time puppy buyers. Even though I had dogs growing up we got our dogs when they were older. Training a puppy was nerve racking but they answered all our questions and told us to call anytime. I highly recommend them if you are trying to buy a puppy. We did check out cheaper places but after a ton of research we realized cheaper isn't always the way to go. You will have your puppy for a long time so we decided the extra money with the right people was best for us.

We couldn't be happier!!



Hello Marie,

We picked up our beautiful little Shih-chon, Dolly, on New Year's Day, and today, on her first birthday, I wanted to update you on her progress.

She continues to be a perfect little pup and I honestly can't imagine being without her. She is healthy, beautifully marked and has a constant smile. We just love her! She has a wonderful temperament and loves everyone, even our cat who has become her best friend! She is always happy to please and we continue with our training as she gets closer to our goal of becoming a therapy dog. She will soon take her Canine Good Citizen test and I  think that she will do well. She's a quick learner and loves our lessons.

Thanks again for this beautiful little girl. I would refer you to anyone who is looking for a great pet.

Best Regards,


Marie and Dennis,

We are happy to report that 13 months ago we brought Nutmeg home.  She is just as adorable today as she was the day she stole my heart!!  As you will see from the pics she is still just a little peanut and we just love her this way. Everyone thinks she is just the prettiest dog ever.  I never realized how smart Morkies could be.  She definitely has a lot of the Yorkie in her as she loves to hunt for items around the house and the Maltese in her just completes the pretty package!!  She learns things very quickly and easily and such a joy to teach her new stuff all the time.

She loves to take walks and runs with me all while stylin’ in all her pretty outfits!!!!

She is still intimidated by people a bit (but hey I am too sometimes) and our trainer says she may always be like this, but surely is not the same dog he met a couple months ago, and has come a long way.  She is our angel and we just can’t imagine life without her.

Thanks for the best dog ever!!!

We would like to bring her for a visit some time if you are to it!!!!

If ever I am in the market to add to the family I would definitely be back!!!

Sharon, Joel and Nutmeg

Dover, NH

Hi Marie,

Here is Ollie.
We picked him up from you last August, which means he's almost 10 months old. He is around 36 pounds now--and very, very handsome. Everyone compliments his good looks! His personality is sweet and kind, playful. And smart. He loves learning tricks. He also LOVES the snow. We love living with him! You bred a fantastic dog. : )


Marie & Dennis,

Carol & I want to share Jez's photo with Santa with you.

Jez is a wonderful dog, very smart and affectionate. All of our friends want to take her home with them. We could not imagine having a nicer pet.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Charlie & Carol

Hello Marie

We wanted to give you an update on our golden doodle puppy Ollie
, and thank you for the amazing addition to our family... We got him from you this past March, and he is not only a perfect example of his breed, but a loving, playful, and friendly pup. Just what we were looking for! We tell everyone about you folks, and one day plan on returning for a friend for Ollie!

Here are some pictures of Ollie the past few months as he turns one year this week!

Bliss & Kevin

Hi Marie and Dennis, 

Just a quick update on Saffron who is now nine months old. She is so adorable and has such a wonderful personality!  Moreover, she is so smart!  It generally takes five trials to teach her a new trick.  She has been healthy and continues to grow like a little weed.  We laughingly call her "Clifford-ina."  LOL  

 I've attached a picture so you can see how sweet she is!

Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy!



For what it’s worth, everything is still going great, Riley is such fun guy around our household.

He’s pretty much house trained, he’s made a ton of friends... and adding joy to our days.  Many people are absolutely floored Brenda and I have a Dog, living in our house, go figure. We now know what we were missing....Riley.

He really is fitting into his name rather well, “the Life of Riley,”   is a good thing.


The Shea Family



It's been very enjoyable meeting so many awesome families but we have officially retired.
We now get to experience vacations with our family and two awesome dogs!
 If you are considering adding a new puppy into your home, please be careful of all the scammers.

To all the families that have welcomed one, two, three or more puppies into your homes over the years, thank you very much!
We appreciate your family and the many referrals you have made!

Please enjoy your pets and please stay safe!

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